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The trousers collection offers a rich selection of styles in different fabrics.

→  Trousers in Organic Cotton / convent. Cotton
→  Corduroys in Organic Cotton / convent. Cotton
→  Organic Jeans / Hemp Jeans
→  Loden - Wool Trousers
→  Suit - Trousers, Wool- and Linen Trousers
→  Shorts

The difference between the trousers styles are following: Pockets and its shapes, types of closure, stitching, reinforcements etc.. The quality of workmanship is the same for all trousers, whether narrow chino from organic cotton or some elaborate custom made loden wool trousers, all garments are made with the same care. The effort of the details and the selected fabric determine the price. Only high quality and durable fabrics are processed. All materials are tested for comfort, durability and washability.


The basic cut of the INDNAT trouser is slightly cut on the hip, with freedom of movement, straight legs. You can choose your waist size in combination with different lengths and leg openings according to the size chart. As well as, INDNAT offers all styles made-to-measure. Each customer gets a personalized 1:1 paper cut, stored in the workshop, so it is easy to place a second order. Even with measurement changes. For custom made dreams i offer a full bespoke service.

How to wash:

The right care helps the garment to a long life.
If you have any further questions, i am pleased to answer them.

→  Care / Washing instructions

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