The actual Catalogue provides informative and transparent explanations for all the fabrics.

For the shorts and trousers, the following fabrics are used:

·   RIBBED MOLESKIN, MOLESKIN, TWILL, CANVAS, EtaProof® in Organic Cotton, convent. Cotton
·   CORDUROY in Organic Cotton
·   DENIM in Organic Cotton, convent. Cotton, Recycled Cotton & Hemp
·   LINEN FABRICS in Organic Linen, convent. Linen, Linen/Hemp
·   HEMP FABRICS in Hemp, Hemp/Linen & Hemp/Cotton
·   LODEN TYROLES in Pure Wool
·   TWEED in Pure Wool
·   SUIT FABRICS in Pure Wool & Pure Wool/Terylene

14.4 oz "Nihon Menpu, Japan" - Denim - 100% Organic Cotton
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