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1. Juni 2022

– testing shorts –

Wearing some Cycling_Shorts made of a 52% Hemp / 48% Linen fabric. Good weight, durable as well as provides a comfortable climate on hotter days. Weft and warp are in different colors, looks like a denim twill structure. No polyamide, no elastan, but two plant fibers with a big story.

Fit: With the thoughts while riding a bike, but finally these shorts are comfortable in all life situations. The side seams are straight, there is enough space which provides freedom of movement. 3 lengths available.

Details: Button closure (here the top button is made of wood). Large patch front pockets (doubled with organic cotton twill on the inside, which gives the pockets more stability and durability). A back yoke in which the darts are placed. 4 belt loops and 1 loop at the back. The saddle area is doubled from the inside. Constructed in such a way that if the crotch is worn out one day, a new layer can simply be sewn on/replaced along the stitching. This spare part is available from INDNAT, probably it will already be included in your package.


As usual, these shorts are currently only made to order. From spring 2023 I plan to produce series in “ready to wear” sizes from XS – S – L – XL – XXL. I will be updating you via newsletter with further details.

We keep up the work by testing them on the road, in the washing machine as well as at the tailor workshop.

Typ: INDNAT Cycling_Shorts – Ver. 1
Fabric: Hemp/Linen
Material: 52% Hemp – 48% Linen
Colour: Ecru, Grey, Green

Powered by #Hemp und #Linen

Comfortable front pockets
Interior lining pure organic cotton
Crotch reinforced with linen ribbon