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"Aprikosen statt Hosen"

Due to the high stock of incredibly tasty pyrenaen Apricots - coming straight from the farmer - I decided I make jam today instead of trousers. Made by Hand. Above you will find a article in German: "How a bulgarian tailor turns into an organic apricot farmer."

Article: “Schneider wird Aprikosen - Biobauer” ↵

The Photographer
Photographies © by Ramon Vilalta, Barcelona



The homemade prototype of a new website is uploaded (at the moment only in German). The website will be improved in a few weeks with more detail and new pictures to come. If everything fits, it will be coded responsive from a professional website factory.

indnat.com ↵

INDNAT Frauen Organic Denim - Jeans aus Bio Baumwolle

Work in Progress: Women’s fit
Photography: Thanks to Elena

One step forward on Women's trousers. Here the type M32 made of 12.5 oz Organic Denim. Whether in cotton, loden cloth or suit cloth, the type M32 suits all well. Size set available soon. I'll keep you posted!

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Loden Trousers

"Here we go again", says one sheep to the other. Autumn and winter are around the corner and loden cloth trousers time begins. It is a good moment to place Your order, so i can reserve "fresh" loden for the coming season. Like always from the great fulling mill in Austria.

Loden Trousers ↵


600 Meters

There is running a fabric order collective for a nice, durable twill for trousers with 260 g / qm2 of organic cotton in stone grey and deep-sea blue. We need 600 meters to place the order. Thanks always to the guys of "Lebenskleidung" in Berlin, because they make sourcing materials to small companies easier.


INDNAT on tour //

The next Custom Fitting will take place in Autumn / Winter. Exact date will be confirmed. Florian Schwarz from "Artisan Skis" provides us - Barbara Heinze "Let Life Flow" and INDNAT - with one of his workshops spaces for two days in "Hechendorf am Pilsensee". More to come soon!


Jumpers and Cardigans
Autumn / Winter 2.013 14

Our Jumpers made of Organic Sheep Wool are as from September available at Sprout Store and Harvest Store in Munich. A selection is already available at Yavana in Düsseldorf.

We refined the Cardigan with buttons. Fresh from the new production it will be available in Yak-Merinwool as from September at Pfeil&Piefke in Berlin and in Munich at Haeppi Piecis.

And the Cardigan with Zipper-Closure, made from Yak-Merinowool is offered in different sizes and colours at halfs® in Munich - Retailsale and by Mailorder.

Website ↵

INDNAT - Ramon Vilalta

Interesting Read (German)
Photography © by Ramon Vilalta, Barcelona


This documentary film will be released in Autumn 2013. "Men of the Cloth" is the story of three Italian master tailors, about their work with the skills of engineers and the soul of philosophers.

Video on Vimeo ↵


halfs® Shoes

Construction counts!

halfs® is a company of "Haferlschuhe" and traditional made shoes. The welt-sewn and goodyear-welt construction shoes are developed and designed by Achim Wünsch. Available via Online-Shop and in his very nice store in Munich. A visit is well worthwhile!

halfs.de ↵


Le Vélo
Vintage Bicycle Store - Handmade in Hamburg

Sometime ago i spotted "Le Vélo". Awesome bikes and details that Sead Sarac is blogging. He even offers wooden grips made by himself. All with a lot passion. Bikes and trousers fit good together ;=

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Allan Sekula (1951 - 2013)
Photography: Sketch by Allan Sekula, Barcelona (Thanks to Elena Genís)

Allan Sekula - American artist, photographer, writer, filmaker, theorist and critic. A. Sekula died on August 10, 2013 in Los Angeles. Rest in Peace.

Trailer: The Forgotten Space ↵
Film: Tsukiji (Fish market in Tokyo) ↵



All around the world, 8 millon tonnes of waste reach the sea every day. All this refuse is generated by human activity. The Poster "The most dangerous species in the mediterranean sea" shows the life expectancy of humans is only a fraction of years compared with the lifespan of our waste.

The plastic bottle 300 - 500 years
The bottle cap 300 years
The cigarette stub 10 years
The condom 30 years
The glass bottle > thousands of years
The battery > thousands of years

Poster ↵

INDNAT® 2.013 © Marcus Priester, All rights reserved
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