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The Photographer

Kodama_ The Pyrenees Cat.
Pipe_Style_ Barcelona Cat.

Photographies by Ramon Vilalta, Barcelona

I am always glad to be able to show Photographies of Ramon Vilalta from Barcelona. Sometimes there is an obvious relation with the trousers story and the presentation of some new styles. Big thanks to Ramon for all his help during the last years.

Ramon Vilalta ↵


The good One.

The good Linkin as above shown are made of the new Organic Cotton Twill. This new fabric is available in 3 Colours. It is a good moment to place your order, you can also place a pre-order, e.g. I would like to get some Chino-Trousers for October - Bam! (and you will receive them on time).

Linkin details ↵


Good news in the Mailbox.

“It is great that there still exist craftsman like you.” kindly wrote a few days ago a new client from Germany. All these kind comments and feedback keep INDNAT going with the same strength as in the very beginning of the trousers story. With enjoyment of my work. Thank You!

Guestbook ↵

Good Blue(s)

And again the new Organic Twill from Berlin. Also available in a really good Blue for short and long trousers. If you need some small fabric / colour swatches let me know. You only have to choose your favorite in the online catalog and write me a fast E-Mail.

Good Blues: “Smokestack Lightning” by Howlin' Wolf ↵

Organic Cotton Pocket Lining

Besides the black pocket lining, i also offer a new, durable lining made of 100% Organic Cotton. All Jeans are processed with this Natural-Coloured Lining and also some other styles. Another step in direction to reach a 100% Organic INDNAT. Country origin of fibre and fabric production: Turkey.


Work in progress: Women's Trousers

Preview: Trousers style M32 are a perfect base to launch (once more) a lady version of INDNAT trousers. After reworking them, i will offer one style. Available in Organic Cotton, Organic Linen, Loden Cloth and Suit Cloth. I will keep You updated!

INDNAT Bio kbA Kinder-Hosen

Work in Progress: Kid's Trousers

Here I introduce to You my youngest fabric tester and "INDNAT - Ambassador". Olivia is wearing the style fly in 12.5 oz Organic Denim. My first (Organic) Jeans - Built to resist! The idea: To make one pair of trousers for kids - simple and good. I will keep You updated!

INDNAT® flys for kids ↵


“Keep on with the hand-me-down tradition!”

I read a short story by the brand Patagonia about a little fleece jacket that is still going strong after 12 kids. This calls for buying quality and durable clothing for children. Keep on!

Article: Wornwear by Patagonia ↵

Band trousers for "Wuppinger & L'Orchestre Europa"
Photography © by Frank Wuppinger, Nuremberg

On the photo one can see Frank Wuppinger (on the right) with the suit cloth trousers style No.2 made of striped woollen cloth "Barcelona". The project was a complete suit. Trousers and Gilet were made by me, the suit jacket was made by a workshop in Nuremberg according to a draft and the same materials.

Fullscreen ↵
Video: On Stage in Nuremberg ↵

“Share if you care”
by Christophe Loiron, Mister Freedom ®


Where to buy fair made Clothing?

Recently a a new platform has been launched: Getchanged. With the help of different search functions its users can find fair fashion stores and fair clothing brands in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The questionnaire to be taken up was long and detailed, INDNAT is present. Many thanks to Zurich!

http://www.getchanged.net ↵


"FAIRE MODE - Shoppen mit gutem Gewissen" (Die Zeit)
Thanks to the newspaper "Die Zeit" to mention INDNAT.

Article ↵


Statement by Christophe Loiron, Mister Freedom ®


INDNAT on tour //
Photography © by Albert Augustin, Hechendorf am Pilsensee

With Florian Schwarz from ArtisanSkis we are starting to plan the coming SCHAU.RAUM 2. Once more for 2 nice days in which different crafts(wo)men present their actual works. A kind of showroom directly in the workshop where we want to give an understanding of our ideas & products to our guests.


Cabin Porn
Photography © by Werkstattschwarz, Hechendorf am Pilsensee

Mountain huts, alpine huts, mountain shelters, bivouac shelters, log cabins and lodges. Mostly miles from anywhere, humble and lonely. The photo collection “Cabin Porn - Inspiration for your quiet place somewhere” gets you inspired to hit the road, dream and discover.

Phloem Studio // The Peninsula Chair

My interest in woodwork does not even leave me. The video about the "Peninsula Chair" is to watch. And also the works of Florian Schwarz, a master joiner who loves his work. Pieces of furnitures from elm, apple, ash, steel ... it is always exciting to have news from Werkstattschwarz.

Video: The Peninsula Chair ↵

Article: Das Montagsmöbel #23 by Werkstattschwarz ↵

A portrait of the cyclist's culture in Hamburg

A continuing photo series by the photographers Björn Lexius and Till Gläser which portrays the cyclists of Hamburg, in Germany. It is worth it to click and have a look through, one sees how much people get to love their bikes. Rule No.1 Never steal a bicycle!

http://www.wearetraffic.de ↵

Urban Food Forest
“To grow your own food is like printing your own money” by Ron Finley (Los Angeles, USA)

Text Copyright © by Ron Finley: “This film tells the story of a South Los Angeles edible garden planted in a surprising spot. Ron Finley, its planter, constructed the garden the way he wishes his neighborhood could be. And his vision of repurposing unused open space, like that of many others working together on urban agriculture in our city, should inspire us all, and remind us of how, with a little creativity of vision, and willingness to get our hands dirty, we can remake spaces defined by asphalt and dead grass into productive places of beauty.”

Video: http://youtu.be/5dhdAgLPMUQ ↵



A rework of the movie poster "Jaws by Steven Spielberg". By using a little humor the artist "Andi Bocsardi" used the visual language of the poster and changed the monster, to bring attention to one of the biggest ecological problems: Litter pollution of the seas with plastic garbage.

Poster ↵


A great project - so easy, so simple:

Two Hands Project
Thirty minutes, Two Hands. Clean up your world. Anytime - Anywhere

http://twohandsproject.org ↵


An exhibiton from Zürich on tour:

Out to sea? The Plastic Garbage Project
http://www.plasticgarbageproject.org ↵

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