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“Mont_Serrat_” Pyrenees, Cat.
Photo © by Ramon Vilalta, Barcelona

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Loden trousers

I was able during this last winter to put some extra work on my Loden cloth, a thrilling material. It is still impossible to find a technical fabric that can be compared to it. That is why it is for me so rewarding to make it become trousers.

Praise song on the Loden Cloth:
www.indnat.blogspot.com/2013/01/lodenhosen.html ↵

Handmade Construction - Loden Trousers for a sheepherder in the Swabian Alb:
www.indnat.com/loden/hirtenhose ↵

Back home, again: Loden Trousers for the owner of the Loden Mill:
www.indnat.blogspot.com/2013/02/lodenhose-back-home-again.html ↵


“Handcraft vs. Hightech”

Good Read by Gabi Greiner, ORF.at (German):

“Urvater des Goretex ist zurück”
www.orf.at/stories/2160108/2160109 ↵

“In Wolle und Seide auf den Everest”
www.orf.at/stories/2160108/2160767 ↵



Our hardy knitted jumper made from organic sheep wool got a lot interest and is nearly sold out. We are actually working on the new production with our knitter in Germany. As from autumn 2013 you will be able to see it, feel it, touch it and buy it at “Harvest” in München and “Pfeil&Piefke” in Berlin. Also “on tour” as well as in Eva´s online shop.

www.selectedworks.tictail.com ↵

Work in progress:

A knitted slipover as a warm layer with functional details - made from organic sheep wool!

A collaboration between INDNAT x Paull
Short Cuts 2.013

In collaboration with Paul Lentzsch and his label “Paull”, founded in Munich, we develop a pair of organic cotton shorts for this summer. The “INDNAT x Paull Short”.

www.thisispaull.com ↵

Think tank (Materials)

Organic Cotton:

Since the beginning of INDNAT it has always been a very important subject to look for and choose great quality materials from organic cultivated cotton. I impatiently expect by the end of next year to announce that INDNAT will not be using conventional grown cotton fabrics anymore. You can as well support this idea by choosing an Organic Cotton fabric when buying your trousers at INDNAT.

Pocket lining:

Soon I can offer a new pocket lining made from organic cotton for all trousers styles! A collective order with a friendly label in Munich makes it possible.


Frequently I am asked for trousers made from hemp fabric. An interesting material with an exciting history. Finally I found a full linen thread-Denim from pure hemp. Let´s try it.


I am not allowed to show certificates of the organic materials. Financially this is very difficult. A bewildering subject, above all for the end consumer. However, I offer my customer with interest transparency, as far as it is possible to me, please simply ask for.

INDNAT recommends:

Buy long-lasting clothing and wear them out!

Collective Order

A big help from Berlin; the team of Lebenskleidung:

A thread-coloured twill with pattern has already arrived and from the middle of March I expect a great twill in Black, Navyblue and Brown-grey. Both with and by Lebenskleidung - Organic Rules!

www.lebenskleidung.com ↵


This statement calls for responsibility towards nature, the resources at our disposal, and our dependence upon them. The understanding of this should always be the underlying foundation to my inspiration and professional approach, for all steps and decisions to come.

A new web page for the “travelling message”
www.respectthewaters.org ↵

Here is a link to “Patagonia”, many thanks for sharing the message
www.patagonia.tumblr.com ↵

A small treasure

One of the last textile mills near Barcelona has closed his factory. Situated in “Sabadell”, a former stronghold for woollen clothing. I had decided to buy the whole last piece from “our” great suit cloth.

Like a small treasures - the great woolen cloth waits now for its “bearers”.

“Worn out”

Customization of some pair of INDNAT® Typ. six-a-clack.
After 4 years of boatbuilding - Epoxy resin leaves the trousers stand alone.

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Photo Collage in motion >>> 2.004 - 2.013
“In the woods” © by Sebastian Albert-Augustin

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Market at Muffathalle - Munich 2012

Many thanks to all visitors - to my loyal old customers and to many new customers! Thanks also to Barbara of “barbaraheinze.com” for our collective market stall. See you next year!

Photo © by Christopher Klaus

Fresh out of the oven

Tools to inform you about my work.
News from INDNAT - with fun and interest in communicate.

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I would be pleased to meet You there!

Juan López (Alto Maliaño, Cantabria)

Video documentation of the installation “Today I aspire to nothing”
In collaboration with URBAN CATS BCN
Vinyl, electrical tape and 6 videoprojections

www.vimeo.com/49148884 ↵

Bicycle Portraits
A photographic book in the making

A thrilling project of Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler over the bicycle - culture in South Africa.

http://www.bicycleportraits.co.za ↵

Foto © by Ramon Vilalta, Barcelona

“The vehicle of the future is in the world since a long time ago ...”
Illustration by "bicineta.cl"

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