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INDNAT got a new home. Since the beginning of this year the workshop is located in a quiet passage in the Poblenou area, an old industrial neighbourhood in Barcelona. Close to the center and a stone's throw from the Mediterranean Sea. Welcome!

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Order book

Many things happened this year. It came to an order backlog. I must thank my customers for their patience. I work full speed to complete the missing orders. The new trousers catalogue with all styles, fabrics, size chart and order form will be sent out during autumn.

Trousers Fit

Meeting at the Let Life Flow Studio in Munich with master tailors Barbara and Bianca for the further research on the patterns of the INDNAT trousers. Improving the standard cut. Thank you very much for the very intense work, Ladies!

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Organic Moleskin Fabric

The story of INDNAT started with this fabric. After many requests to the manufacturer during these last years, they finally decided to make it in 100% Organic Cotton. So from now on I am proud to offer trousers made from this cloth in Black and Concrete-Grey colours.

Organic Pocket Lining

New arrival: Pocket lining in 100% Organic Cotton, ecru colour. The middleweight of 210 g/m² provides this twill weave durability. The fabric is certified with the most superior seal in organic textile. A good companion for the already known pocket lining in Black.

Lodenhosen, Lodenhose

Winter is Coming!

Here we go again, winter is just around the corner and the season of loden is starting. Beside the standard colours, a new natural brown-melange is now available. Loden is a great cloth with unique characteristics that comes more and more in vogue: Once again!

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Cycling Shorts

The task was to develop some pair of durable Cycling_Shorts made from Organic Cotton. Short trousers for every day cycling with some features. Frame builder Mattia Paganotti von Legor Cicli helped with his experience and as test driver.

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Knitwear Autumn / Winter 2015 16

Together with the knitwear professional Eva Brandmaier-Schmitz from Berlin we have been developing a new knitted cardigan for this winter. It will be front buttoned, reinforced in the elbow, with inside pocket and black coloured. Made from 100% certified Organic Sheep_wool. Produced in Germany.

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As from now all trousers are sent out via messenger, for the same price. And if it is very urgent e.g. for a wedding, holidays or a "dramatical lack", the trousers can be delivered express, within 24 hours. And all as usual, finely packed.


Everyday posts live from the workshop: Photos and some writings of work steps, new fabrics & trousers, projects, walkabouts, customers and if nothing more occurs to me a snapshot from lunch. Without filter. Follow us!

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Lollipops & Cigarettes

4 hands - 10 minutes. Barcelona beach. Do you know cigarette butts are the most littered plastic pollution item worldwide? It almost looks like barcelona swimmers and sun-bathers feed themselves with nothing else than Lollipops and cigarettes. Here you can see how harmful it is for the environment.

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At each wash cycle of clothing from synthetic textile fibres it end up many micro fibers in the environment. And at the end also on your plate?

"How microplastics from fleece could end up on your plate."  ↵


"Plankton eating plastic caught on camera for the first time."  ↵
"The secret life of Plankton."  ↵
"Mobula Rays: Simply splashing. Enjoy!"  ↵


All the best!
Marcus Priester

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