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The task was to develop some pair of durable Cycling_Shorts made from organic cotton. Short trousers for every day cycling with some features. Frame builder Mattia Paganotti from Legor Cicli helped with his experience and as test driver.

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Custom made trousers for a shepherd at Swabian Alb in Germany. Made from heavy loden wool cloth with customized details. The serie of pictures are showing the making of from beginning to the finished garment.

→  Making of

On the base of Typ. M21 I customized these trousers for the joiner Uwe from the carpenters workshop Byrnström. He dreamed of some heavy duty super comfortable trousers in which he is feeling good 7-days a week. At home and at work.

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A logbook on Instagram with daily stories from the workshop; pictures about processing, new trousers and fabrics. About prototyping, fittings, walkabouts, customers, friends and families.

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