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The right care will help to provide your garment with a long life. The following link shows washing and care instructions for all pants, from organic cotton to loden.

→   Washing Instructions for all types of Trousers / Fabrics

Small stories and pictures about the creation of the trousers. From sketch to construction up to series-production readiness. The craft in detail.

→   Work in progress

Links to friends and their works, as well as companies which i work with and also from people who do simply great stuff or support my work. Enjoy!

→  Partner & Friends

The photography goes with INDNAT since the beginning. A helpful "tool" to convey the trousers story. Here i present you some pictures of the last years.

→  Collage 2.004 - 18 on tumblr
→  Poble Nou
→  Industrial Port
→  Singer Sewing Machine

This link will direct you to Vimeo. I hope you enjoy this collection of short videos which i stumbled upon in the world wide web. A selection of crafts(wo)men, Artists, entrepreneurs and also natural spectacles and short stories. Have fun!

→  Videos on Vimeo

A poem by Max Turner. After lots of years being rapper for the band "Puppetmastaz", he lives now in India. There he is studying music, is writing poems and is working on a new record.

→  Prayer of the man, tree
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