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INDNAT stands for design, pattern drafting, garment construction and sale of trousers, jeans and shorts. All garments are carefully crafted, entirely by hand_* and sewn one piece at a time or in limited production series.

Good quality and durability of the garments are the standard by which i work, one that i continously try to improve. Important criteria for the designs are their use and the production method.

There is a main role in the design inspiration and that is in a big part taken by the curiosity towards clothing for craftsmen, traditional garments up to men's suits. Its shapes, the functional details, the process methods used, the materials, the traditional tailoring techniques and even sometimes the old stories that go with these are the input translated into a refined form. In combination with new ideas on detail and limited only by simplicity, these are the aspiration of craftsmanship that i hold in honor.

Silent sports like climbing, cylcing, surfing ... the ocean and the mountains, ... the interest in different handcrafts ... a down to earth mentality and so much more, most of all that what i can not explain with words are ingredients_* for the design, fine-tuning and the spirit of the products.
All INDNAT trousers are made with carefully selected premium organic cottons, raw denims, loden, linen, hemp and suit fabrics. The excellent suit fabrics are made in Sabadell (Barcelona) & Huddersfield, Yorkshire (England). The particular Loden Tyroles is manufactured in the mountains of Austria with pure love and centuries of skills.
All trousers styles can be ordered 'Ready to Wear' or 'Made to Measure'. For 'Made to Measure' orders the - INDNAT pattern base - is customized with your personal measurements. Customers have it own personal pattern and it is possible to order any type of trousers on basis of your personalized pattern, as well as with modifications.

On request I send out the trousers - catalogue with all details, so you can order by E-Mail. If you are in Girona please make an appointment and come down to the workshop. About two times a year I am "on tour" in Germany and offer a "Custom Fitting" with the possibility to get your personal fitting.
The web page & catalogue provides you with informations about the materials and its origins. It is not allowed to me to show certifications of textile-standards. This is financially not possible for small series. My person stands for the social standard during the production of all garments, all trousers are completely made by myself. However, I offer transparency to every customer so far as possible, in every area, please simply ask for.

A few words about the Trousers maker are explained below (scroll down). And just click for an insight into the "factory".
This statement calls for responsibility towards nature, the resources at our disposal, and our dependence upon them. The understanding of this should always be the underlying foundation to my inspiration and professional approach, for all steps and decisions to come.

INDNAT Hosen, Jeans und Shorts aus Bio-Baumwolle kbA, Lodenhosen, Raw Organic Denim Jeans, Chino Hosen, Männer Hosen, Herren Hosen :: München - Girona

INDNAT Hosen, Jeans und Shorts aus Bio-Baumwolle kbA, Lodenhosen, Raw Organic Denim Jeans, Chino Hosen, Männer Hosen, Herren Hosen :: München - Girona

INDNAT Hosen, Jeans und Shorts aus Bio-Baumwolle kbA, Lodenhosen, Raw Organic Denim Jeans, Chino Hosen, Männer Hosen, Herren Hosen :: München - Girona


Studies at "ESMOD École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode" 3 years in München:
"Fashion Design / Pattern-making / Garment Construction"
    Periodic Fashion Design Internships and Assistances during 2 years at KOSTAS MURKUDIS in M√ľnchen, Germany. Participation in development and design of all collections. Sample Sewing. Visit of the seasonal fabric fairs in Paris and Milano. Attendance to the fashion shows in Paris.

    Clothing & Shoe Design - internship during at CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL, C.C.P Srl in Milano, Italy.

    Final collection / diploma thesis "ind.nat. 98-99 workers collection in form": This final work was distinguished by JOHN RICHMOND (London) and JOHN COLONNA (Paris) with the 1-st price "Prix de Créateur" for the men's collections.

First Design Assistent to JOHN RICHMOND for the Menswear collections John Richmond / Richmond / Richmond Denim. The Menswear prêt-à-porter collection was presented during Milan Fashion Week.

First Design Assistent to KOSTAS MURKUDIS for the Menswear prêt-à-porter collection, presented during Paris Fashion Week.

Taking a break by my own decision for having time to orientate and to think about how i would like to work in future.
    · Start to work at the joiner's workshop HOLZRAUSCH close to München
    · Travel to Peru and Bolivia
    · Continued to work at the joinery
    · Furthermore I worked for the sail-maker INSECT-SAILS in München, sewing and repairing windsurfing-sails
    · Freelance fashiondesign work of 15 trousers (design and prototyping) for the company MATADOR, Chiemsee

2002* INDNAT - Independent one-man trousers workshop
2009* INDNAT - SELECTED AMBIENT WORKS - Knitwear Design collaboration with Eva Brandmaier-Schmitz

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