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INDNAT Organic Trousers, Raw Denim Jeans and Shorts, Chino Trousers, Pantalones Hombre, Algodon Organico

INDNAT Trousers made of Organic Cotton

Chino cut pants by INDNAT. As above shown made from our 100% Organic Cotton Twill. Available for every season in different organic cotton fabrics, raw denim, linen, hemp and loden wool.

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Fresh from the Press: A collection of stories about new trousers and fabrics, from my everyday life in the workshop and ongoing trunk show events. Things that inspire and encourage me to continue on my journey as a trouser maker.

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INDNAT Trousers made of Organic Cotton

To this day, no technical material can match the special properties of loden. The collection includes a large selection of elegant, casual loden trousers, rugged "shepherd" trousers and elaborate custom-made garments.

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INDNAT jeans are made of organic cotton, hemp or recycled materials. Made by hand under fair working conditions, not bleached, not sandblasted, not lasered, without holes. Built to last for your own story.

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INDNAT, Cordhosen, Kordhosen, Cordbuxen, Corduroy, Trenkercord, Trenkerkord, Genuakord, Hosen, Zimmermannshosen

It started with the "Organic Monster" made of heavy, durable "Trenkercord". Meanwhile i can offer a good selection of different styles in Corduroy. From plain chinos, as in the photo, to the type M32 with elaborate details.

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INDNAT, Chino, Hosen, Chinohosen, Chino-Twill, transparent, ökologisch, fair hergestellt aus Bio kbA Baumwolle, Organic Cotton, Buks, Bukser, biologisk, bomuld

Mailorder with the help of the "Online Trousers-Catalog". If you are in Girona make an appointment and come down to the workshop. About two times a year I am "on tour" in Germany and offer a "Custom Fitting" with the possibility to get your personal fitting.

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The task was to develop with Legorcicli some pairs of durable Cycling Shorts & Pants. Made in natural fabric fibres as organic cotton, hemp or linen. No hightech, better for every day cycling with good features.

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Welcome to the little factory and find out how indnat works! The workshop has recently moved to Girona, north of Barcelona. Between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. Love for craftsmanship goes on with new power and fresh air.

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This statement calls for responsibility towards nature, the resources at our disposal and our dependence upon them. The understanding of this should always be the underlying foundation to my professional approach, for all steps and decisions to come.

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