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Poblenou, Barcelona 2017

Adéu a la meva Barcelona!

Almost a year ago we moved with the family northwards to Girona, a small city, situated on four rivers, between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. It's been hard to leave the beloved but also grueling Barcelona behind us. The real estate market did not offer anymore a reasonable and affordable living for us. We were caught by the metropolitan syndrome.

After a year of commuting to Barcelona, by train and bike, a new studio in Girona awaits now with many possibilities. Space to unfold. A place for new plans and creating a new workflow. And it is time to come up again and to plan the next custom fitting tour's. I'm looking forward to it and keep you posted!

Love for craftsmanship goes on with new power and fresh air.

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Made in our organic ribbed moleskin, the basic fabric of INDNAT, these trousers become a great feel. The special of a handcrafted garment comes up nicely. The type M11 is detailed but kept simple, robust and elegant.

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‘No detail is small’

Mr. Pongtoys
Photo © Ramon_tik, Barcelona

For a good ten years ago, I made this some trousers type M20.2 of a pinstripe fabric for Mr. Pongtoys; puppet maker, artist, cabinetmaker and mechanic settled in Barcelona. A few weeks ago the good piece came back "home" and got its place in the trousers museum of INDNAT.

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Fresh from the knitting mill in northern Germany! A comfortable slipover in loden gray mottled from organic sheep wool. With a good fit. With no side seams. Pleasant to wear in summer and winter.

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The first run of a knitted cardigan is still available in black and also made from organic sheep wool. Elegant cut, middleweight knit, all-rounder for every day. There are only a few pieces left.

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by Robert Hughes

Barcelona - One makes her a declaration of love, even if one is often kicked by her. Robert Hughes tells the stories of its kings, poets, magnates, and revolutionaries. The result is a work filled with the attributes of Barcelona itself: proportion, humor, and "seny", the Catalan word for triumphant common sense.

200th anniversary of the bicycle.
Foto © Augustus Farmer, Legor Cicli LWTUA - Girona 2017

"If you protect people from cars, so that riding is as easy and natural and safe as walking, then people will choose bikes. Copenhagen, the bike capital of the world, keeps working to hold its title."

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RESURRECTION - Rescue of a VW 1955 panelvan - Forest find!

A short film about a VW Bus T1 from 1955. It was missing for over 40 years, deep in the French Alps. In the year 2016 it was recovered by a few guys with burning passion and great skills. Enjoy!

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Ten Meter Tower
Foto: Almannai Air, Barcelona

The majority of us have already been in this situation. Do I jump? Or better I go down the stairs again, down to the 5 meter, to the 3 m board or I leave it better completely. An adrenaline explosion. On the link you can see a wonderful video by Maximilien van Aertryck and Axel Danielson.

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Fahr Ma Obi Am Wasser (Bavarian language)
by Walter Steffen

A portrait of the old bavarian raftsmen and their hard work on the river Isar and its main tributary, the river Loisach. About the archaic handicraft, affected by the vicissitudes of nature in the bavarian uplands.

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Das Ozean Buch
by Esther Gonstalla, OEKOM Verlag

"The oceanbook" with over 45 infographics invites you to discover, reflect and to question. A book that criticizes, stirs up, but also gives hope. It is also a very interesting workbook for schools and teachers! INDNAT supported the crowdfunding.

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Som Energia
A renewable energies cooperative in Girona.

The new INDNAT trousers factory is 100% powered by "Som Energia". A very interesting story. The cooperative was founded in 2010 and has 35,000 members. It offers 100% energy from renewable sources at a comparable price and invests in own projects.

"Sustain: that which one holds on to when nothing else holds any longer." Johann H. Campe, 1807

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