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INDNAT Organic Trousers, Raw Denim Jeans and Shorts, Chino Trousers, Pantalones Hombre, Algodon Organico

INDNAT Trousers made of Organic Cotton

Chino cut pants by INDNAT. As above shown made from 100% Organic Cotton Twill. Five belt loops. Zip fly. One piped seat pocket on back. Triple stitched crotch and partly side seams. Small unicoloured "No Logo"-Label made of sail cloth. Ready!

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Time for loden wool trousers, INDNAT wedding pants, Bavarian shorts for autumn, Chino trousers for a special price, Hemp - Alternative to cotton, Barbara Heinze in Munich, Legorcicli, interesting videos and articles, .... Enjoy!


INDNAT Trousers made of Organic Cotton

The making of the different trousers styles in Loden cloth is exciting. From Chino Trousers up to the "Shepherd" trousers and elaborate Custom-Made pieces. My customers appreciate this rich and famous cloth very much.

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The task was to develop some pair of durable Cycling_Pants made from organic cotton. No hightech, better for every day cycling with some features. Like some Chino trousers with enough room, double seat, and smaller leg opening.

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Welcome to the little factory and find out how indnat works! The workshop has recently moved to Girona, north of Barcelona. Situated on four rivers, between the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava. Love for craftsmanship goes on with new power and fresh air.

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This statement calls for responsibility towards nature, the resources at our disposal and our dependence upon them. The understanding of this should always be the underlying foundation to my professional approach, for all steps and decisions to come.

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